North Korea Shows Off Marching, Cheering, Tractor Pulling Prowess With Gigantic 65th Anniversary Parade

North Korea celebrated the 65th anniversary of the founding of the country as only it knows how, with spectacle and pageantry displayed on a grand scale of organised marching, waving, and weeping.

The 65th anniversary celebration is on the heels of reports that Kim Jong Un reportedly executed his ex-girlfriend for violating pornography laws.

Dennis Rodman also recently visited his “friend” Kim and met his child, and called Kim a “very good guy,” despite the continued human rights abuses by the North Korean regime and the imprisonment of its people in camps.

North Korea also apparently has a big meth problem.

But hey, parade time in Pyongyang!

Attendance is mandatory.

Zoom in a little for a better sense of scale.

All staples of North Korean celebrations were present. Soaring trumpets …

Former leader idolization.

Fierce and extended clapping from the current leader.

Undisciplined marching by the men.

Slightly more disciplined marching by the women.

Crowds showing their support for the Dear Leader while still managing to look terrified.

And a show of military might.

Military might pulled by tractors.

Tractors that could likely have been better used tilling fields to provide food for the starving masses.

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