North Korea Threatens “Full-Scale Destruction Fire At Any Area, Any Time” In Response To Propaganda Campaign

kim jong il army

Kim Jong-il oftens threatens to attack South Korea, and some times he actually does it.

Yesterday Pyongyang responded with dramatic threats to a propoganda campaign involving leaflets and DVDs tied to baloons, according to JoongAng Daily:

“Under this situation, our army officially informs the south side that it will expand the scope of direct fire, already declared, into full-scale destruction fire at any area, any time,” said the North Korean military in a report from the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

The leaflet campaign, the KCNA said, “is a type of psychological warfare and is an inconspicuous war provocation to a warring side” which “will result in unpredictable and merciless punishment from our army.”

North Korea also called the accidental fire of machine guns at the border on April 15 an “unpardonable military provocation.”

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