North Carolina McDonald's Installing A Charging Station For Electric Cars

On July 14th, a new McDonald’s will open in Cary, North Carolina and it will have a ChargePoint charging stations for customers to charge up their electric cars. It will be the first McDonald’s in over 10 years to have a charging station. (A McDonald’s in Arizona installed one in the late ninties when it looked like electric cars might become a reality.)

The fast food joint is independently owned and wants to be seen as “green.” While we think this is neat way to get in the news, it seems like the charging station will gather dust for the next 5 years, while electric cars are unveiled by car makers.

The article that reported the news orginally doesn’t say how many electric cars are in North Carolina. We’d be surprised if there was even one electric vehicle, considering that the Tesla Roadster is the only highway capable EV, and it’s only sold 500 around the country (and we don’t think any are in North Carolina).

Even if lots of electric cars become popular, we think the early adopters won’t be Mickey D’s types. Forgive us for stereotyping, but we think the initial owners of electric cars will be more likely to buy food at restaurants other than McDonald’s. Also, since it’s a FAST food restaurant, we wonder how much juice a driver can get while they order and eat their Big Mac.

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