North Carolina Ditches Law Meant To Undo Racial Bias On Death Row


Photo: Flickr – miss_millions

Legislators in North Carolina are looking to gut a law that allows inmates to claim they were sentenced too harshly because of their race.Five Democrats broke rank Wednesday to join Republicans in approving a bill that would forbid death row inmates from challenging their sentence solely using statistics, the Charlotte News & Observer reported.

The vote was 73 to 47 and stayed pretty close to party lines.

However, the five Democrats who crossed the aisle ensured the law obtained a veto-proof margin.

The Racial Justice Act as it’s currently written lets death-row inmates use statistical proof of racial bias in the state to convert their death sentence into life without parole.

The current act was passed in 2009.

The bill is now heading to the Senate, where it’s expected to pass, according to the News & Observer.

Supporters of the bill say evidence of racial bias should be grounds for a new trial, not a converted sentence.

But opponents say supporters are just trying to repeal the Racial Justice Act and are lying about it, the News & Observer reported.

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