This is the solution to air conditioners we've all been waiting for

Window air conditioners haven’t received much attention during the “smart” revolution, where everything from coffee makers and refrigerators are┬ácontrolled with apps over the internet.

There was the Quirky Aros smart air conditioner made in collaboration with General Electric, but it received mixed reviews.

But one startup seems to have come up with an overhaul that’s way overdue for window air conditioners.

Check out the Noria:

First of all, Noria looks a lot better than most window air conditioners, which are usually ugly and bulky.


One of the best things about it is it doesn't take up half your window view, like most window air conditioners.


It's also much easier to install into windows than conventional air conditioners. You install the frame first where the Noria slides into.


And it's much lighter.


It seems like it's pretty easy to control the Noria with the knob.


Of course, what would a revolutionary air conditioner be without an app to control it? You can set temperature and schedules.


It blows cold air up rather than sideways, which makes more sense as cool air drops.

Regular air conditioners blow air sideways, which only cools the area directly in front of it and the floor.

And when winter approaches, its sleek design lets you store it under your bed or other tight spaces.


Noria's Kickstarter campaign is under way, where it's already received over $300,000 in funding with 35 days to go. Early bird packages are gone, but you can get the Noria for $300. It will cost $400 at retail.


Check out Noria's full video.

Also, check out Noria's Kickstarter campaign.

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