Nordstrom Found A Brilliant Way To Profit From Showrooming

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The practice of showrooming — when people test out products in stores, and then buy them for cheaper online — is traditional retail’s worst nightmare.

But Nordstrom found a brilliant way to benefit from the practice through a partnership with jewelry website Blue Nile, reports Brad Tuttle at Time.

Blue Nile is paying Nordstrom for display space in stores, Tuttle writes. This gives them space to show off 75 engagement rings and 40 wedding bands.

The practice is unique because Blue Nile is a direct competitor to Amazon, and customers who want one of the rings have to purchase from the jeweler’s website.

But the benefits are two-fold, according to Tuttle.

First, Blue Nile is paying Nordstrom for the space. And Nordstrom is also benefiting by attracting new customers to its new Wedding Suite.

Nordstrom has done a great job of merging online with the store experience.

The brand just rolled out new displays that showcase items that are popular on Pinterest.