Nordstrom just opened a tiny store that doesn't sell any clothes -- here's what it looks like

Nordstrom just opened a store concept that’s a fraction of the usual size and doesn’t sell clothes.

On Tuesday, the retailer opened “Nordstrom Local” in West Hollywood, California. The store is 3,000 square feet, compared to 140,000 square feet for the average department store.

While customers can return or pick items up at the store that they bought online, there is no dedicated inventory in the store. 

However, the store does offer customers personal stylists, tailoring services, and manicure appointments. Nordstrom Local will also serve wine, beer, espresso drinks, and cold-pressed juices. 

“We know there are more and more demands on a customer’s time and we wanted to offer our best services in a convenient location to meet their shopping needs,” Shea Jensen, Nordstrom senior vice president of customer experience, said when the retailer announced the new concept in September. 

A few photos have been posted from the new concept online.

Nordstrom Local looks more like a cute, little boutique than a sprawling department store. 

Inside, the shop is airy — less clothing means more room for dressing rooms, even in the small space. 

There’s a tailor shop inside the store. 

Department stores are struggling, with Moody’s forecasting the category’s sales will decrease 9.3% in 2017. So, it makes sense that Nordstrom is trying to distance itself from its roots, and instead try out a completely different concept.

Still, the question remains: will a shop without guaranteed clothing actually be able to attract customers? 

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