There's a war about #BlackLivesMatter on Yik Yak after something disturbing happened on a college campus

Udel nooses yik yakMatt Butler/The ReviewThese three wires were investigated as a possible hate crime.

Earlier this week, controversy erupted at the University of Delaware when students saw what looked like metal nooses hanging from a tree on the same night as a Black Lives Matter rally.

Officials from the school say the metal wires were just the skeletons of lanterns leftover from a summer party, but some students aren’t buying it. Now, a heated conversation about racism on campus has spawned on Yik Yak — a gossip app that grants its users total anonymity — and the student body has found itself divided.

In case you’re not familiar with Black Lives Matter or the Yik Yak app, here’s what you need to know: Yik Yak is a digital message board that allows people within a certain geographic area to post anonymous comments that anyone can read. And Black Lives Matter is a social justice campaign started in 2013 after the shooting of Trayvon Martin

Here’s an example of some of the Yik Yak posts from the University of Delaware earlier on Wednesday. 

“POC [People of Colour] still feel like they’re in danger of being lynched everyday,” one student wrote on Yik Yak. “But at least we don’t keep them in barn house anymore, am I right?”

Here’s how it all seemed to start:

On Tuesday night, as conservative pundit Katie Pavlich gave a speech on campus, students gathered to protest her appearance at the university, citing that Pavlich had previously called members of the Black Lives Matter movement a “violent hate group,” Deleware online reported.

Here’s a tweet advertising the protest.