HUGE PHOTOS: Check Out The New Nook Simple Touch E-Reader


Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

The Nook Simple Touch isn’t exactly a revolution in e-reading. (Sony has had touchscreen readers for a while now.)But what Barnes & Noble’s latest reader does do is raise the bar for its competitors with the features that matter: No more keyboard. Lightning fast page turns. Facebook and Twitter integration.

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I went through my typical unboxing and initial hands on today, and was pretty impressed with the latest Nook.

After years of using glass touchscreens on smartphones and tablets, it took me a few minutes to get used to touch gestures on the Nook.

Basically, most features are controlled from simply tapping rather than swiping or pinching. (The e-Ink screen can’t really handle complex animations like page turns.)

My only beef with the device so far is the Nook’s design. It’s a little too squat and square for my taste. It almost looks like a toy rather than a serious e-reader. Still, the screen is the same size, and the unit is light and comfortable to hold.

Check out photos of the Nook and more first impressions below.

Here's the new Nook box. It looks a a lot like the Nook colour's packaging.

That's not paper. That's the e-Ink screen. Looks good.

The Nook is small and light. You won't get tired holding it over long reading sessions

The bottom has a USB port for charging and syncing with your computer

There's a micro SD card slot on the side for additional storage

The back is smooth and rubbery. It feels very solid in your grip

The power button on the back puts the Nook to sleep

Slide your finger across to unlock the Nook

Here's the home screen. You can view the last book you read along with suggestions for new books you may want to buy

Tapping the Nook button again pulls up the menu bar. Let's check out the shop

From the shop you can browse popular titles or search for one you want

Your book will only take a few seconds to download and install

...And you can read it immediately after downloading

The cover art took a few seconds to load. From here you can turn pages by tapping or pressing one of the raised buttons on either side

You can also access your library from the menu bar. This unit has a subscription to a few newspapers. You get the latest issues pushed directly to the Nook each morning

You can access the Nook's social features. Linking your device to Facebook or Twitter lets you share what you're reading with friends. You can also lend books to other Nook users from here

Here's the Nook next to an iPhone. That should give you a good idea just how tiny it is

The Nook is super light, but still thicker than other tablets out there. (This is what it looks like next to Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1)

Now check out a great device for the web...

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