Photos: Barnes & Noble's New Nook HD Tablet

nook hd

Photo: Dylan Love

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD tablet is currently available starting at $200.You can check out our full review here, but why not get up close and personal with these photos of it as well?

Here's what you see when you turn it on with the multi-user system activated

The back features the Nook logo

There are barely any buttons to be had–the left side features only a power button...

...and the right side only has a volume button

There's an SD card slot and charging dock on the bottom

And a headphone jack on the top

Here's the home screen, immediately accessible while using the device by pressing the Nook logo button at the bottom

You've obviously got access to plenty of your favourite apps–here's Angry Birds Space

Comics are wonderfully suited for reading on the Nook HD

And of course the standard reading experience is a total joy as well

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