Here’s One Market Where The Nook colour Crushes The Kindle

cosmopolitan lady gaga cover

While the Kindle keeps crushing Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader in the general market, women’s magazines are very successful on the device, the Times reports. 

Apparently the Nook is more popular with women than the Kindle or even the iPad, and publishers of women’s magazines have had great success there. 

Why? The Times comes up with a condescending-sounding reason, that the Nook is “simpler.” 

It seems that the Nook’s colour screen, combined with its greater portability compared to an iPad, does make it the ideal device to read glossy magazines. 

And there’s a broader point here, which is that when we talk publishing, we tend think “paperback fiction and non-fiction”, but actually publishing is much broader. There are magazines, textbooks, children’s books…

Andecdotally, we’ve heard that children’s books do extremely well on the iPad, because they can have colour, sound and animation. 

The Kindle may be the best device for reading text, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best device for all books. 

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