Noni Hazelhurst is only the second woman ever inducted into the Logie's Hall of Fame

Noni Hazelhurst. Photo: Robert Prezioso/ Getty Images.

Children’s presenter Noni Hazlehurst is the second woman inducted into the Logie’s Hall of Fame after 43 years in the industry.

Her acceptance at last night’s Australian television awards follows the late Ruth Cracknell, who became the first female recipient in 2001.

In her speech, the former star of the ABC’s children series “Play School” praised the program as a “safe haven for small children in an increasingly complex media landscape and world”.

Hazelhurst, 62, also hit out at racism, sexism and negativity in her acceptance speech, which received a standing ovation. But like Gold Logie winner, Waleed Aly, she acknowledged that times were changing.

“I fear that our hearts are growing cold. The fact that I’m only the second women to be given this honour is merely a reflection of the prevailing zeitgeist,” she said.

“As is the odious suggestion in some quarters that the eligibility of our esteemed colleagues, Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin, to be considered for the gold is questionable.

“Things are clearly changing, but they are changing glacially slowly. The great thing about glaciers is that if you aren’t on them you go under.

“I’ve been riding that glacier for 40 years and I’m staying on top of it.”

The ABC was the winning network on the night with seven wins, just slightly ahead of Ten with six.

Watch it in full below.

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