Non-Shocker: People Want To Watch TV On TV, Web On PC

Does anyone — besides our resident Hulu enthusiast — want to watch Web video on their TVs? Not really, according to a new poll: Only 5% of downloaders move their stuff to a TV or DVD player, and only 10% want to.

Macrovision execs, who commissioned the poll, say they’re surprised, and blame consumer ignorance. Other commentators point the finger at the old DRM bugaboo: Mean old Hulu only streams its shows, so you can’t keep the content; and the flailing NBC Direct downloads can’t be moved off PCs.

But we think the problem, if there is one, is more basic. It’s the old lean in/lean back dilemma, also known as the 2-foot experience vs the 10-foot experience: When you’re surfing the Web, you’re willing to hunt for what you want; flicking the remote from your couch is inherently passive. We know the two are supposed to merge, eventually, but we think that day is farther off than most tech-savvy folks realise.

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