Here’s What To Expect From Today’s Huge Jobs Report

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Get excited! At 8:30 AM we get the Non-Farm Payrolls report for April.

To set the scene you must realise just two things:

1. All sorts of data has been coming in weak.

2. Various markets are crashing.

With that said, here is the complete list of numbers to expect, via Bloomberg:

  • Change in nonfarm payrolls: +185K (vs. 216K in March)
  • Change in private payrolls: +200k (vs. +230K in March)
  • Change in manufacturing payrolls: +20K (vs. 17K in March)
  • Average hourly earnings month over month: +0.2% (vs. 0.0% in March)
  • Average weekly hours: 34.3 (vs. 34.3 in March)
  • Unemployment rate: 8.8% (vs. 8.8% in March)

We’ll be covering LIVE.