NYPD Gives 'All-Clear' At World Financial 2 After A Novelty Grenade Was Found

UPDATE:¬†The New York Police Department has given the “all-clear” at World Financial 2 after a novelty grenade was found during a routine screening causing the building that houses Nomura to be evacuated.

People are now re-entering the building.

EARLIER: We originally heard from two sources that Nomura Securities, which is housed in World Financial centre 2, had been evacuated.

That news has been confirmed by multiple news reports, and we’ve confirmed with the NYPD that a suspicious package is being evacuated.

CNBC reported that apparently the package was discovered in the course of routine checks.

The Daily News reported that the package “appeared to be a grenade.”

Twitter user @cgeeez sent out the following shot of people outside the building.



¬†Here’s a look at some police vehicles in the circle outside of the building.


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