Nomura Will Now Be Making Homemade Honey On Its Roof And Serving It To Clients

nomura honey

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It was only a matter of time before the banker-by-day, hipsters-by-night employees of Wall Street became influencers at the highest level.At least, that’s the case at Nomura, which is “installing two beehives on the roof of its European headquarters in London,” according to Dealbook, via Dealbreaker.

There will be about 80,000 bees in the two hives.

A charitable organisation called the Golden Company, will “harvest” the honey and then sell it back to Nomura.

The Japanese bank is going to label the honey with the Nomura logo so it can be served at served at breakfast meetings and other events.

Of course it would remiss for Nomura to claim they were the first bankers to get in on the honey craze; John Thain has kept his own hive for years.

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