12 Glaring Examples Of Conventional Wisdom That Investors Are Subscribing To Right Now

Nomura 2011 Survey

Photo: Nomura

Nomura has surveyed its clients on 2011, and the responses paint a pretty clear picture of what range of expectations investors should have for 2011.There is general bullishness around equities, positivity about U.S. growth, but pessimism around unemployment.

Investors also see bubble, in gold, Asian real estate, and emerging market equities.

We’ve picked out the most interesting results that should give you a clue as to what other market participants see to come in 2011. In other words, if you want to see what conventional wisdom looks like, this is it.

Not much home for drastic improvement on the unemployment front.

Inflation is likely to continue to be weak.

QE2 will get done, but QE3 is up for debate.

The ECB and the Fed are the most likely monetary policy dunce's of 2011.

Survey participants don't see a euro breakup as likely.

Gold's expected to remain close to where it is now, if not slightly higher.

Crude is either going to hold its ground, or head over $100.

Equities are where to be in 2011.

There's a great deal of bullishness around the U.S.

China is going to let the RMB appreciate, but only slightly.

Chinese growth still looks like it will be above 9%.

The big three are all represented here, bubbles seen in gold, Asian real estate, and emerging market equities.

Still worried about tail risk scenarios for next year?

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