CALL FOR ENTRIES: Send us your nominations for 'The most creative people in advertising in 2016'

Peggy Olson, Mad MenJaimie Trueblood/AMCPeggy Olson from ‘Made Men.’

Business Insider is putting out a call to adland to nominate who the industry thinks are the most creative people in advertising right now.

Entrants for Business Insider’s “Most Creative People In Advertising 2016” rankings can be creatives who work on traditional TV commercials, or they might be Facebook marketing mavens, or the masterminds behind viral campaigns. Our only requirement is that the work you are nominating them for launched after July 2014.

Here’s what we need:

  • Email your submissions to Lara O’Reilly at [email protected] by Monday July 25th.
  • Send the name of your nominee(s), his or her company or job title, and why he or she is the most creative person in their field.
  • Give an example (including a link or images) of one piece of stand-out work your creative nominee has worked on since July 2015.
  • Please send a photo of your nominee that we have permission to publish.
  • In addition to your initial nomination: NOMINATE A COMPETITOR. This is a vital requirement. We want to ensure the list isn’t self-serving and is a true indication of the best of the best in the industry. All nominations will be kept confidential.

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