Nokia Wins, Gets Apple To Pay It A Bunch Of Money Forever

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Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Nokia has announced that it’s settling its patent disputes with Apple. But Nokia really wins: Apple will be paying a one-time settlement plus licence fees, which is pretty much what Nokia wanted. (The terms of the deal aren’t being disclosed.)This is a huge deal for a couple reasons:

  • In an industry rife with patent lawsuits, the Nokia-Apple fight was probably the biggest, spanning jurisdictions, domains and geographies. This settlement is big news just because of that. 
  • But the fact that Apple caved, when it’s pretty aggressive about intellectual property, caved, shows that Nokia has one of the best patent portfolios in the industry. Nokia has said that one of the ways in which it’s going to try to make more money is by using that patent portfolio to get licence fees. This is a decisive early win for that. 

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