Nokia Versus Android: Death By A Thousand Cuts

Nokia’s announcement today that it will cut nearly 10,000 jobs over the next 18 months comes as little surprise. Nokia has problems. More precisely, the company has an Android problem. Google’s proxy army has encircled the Finnish cell phone giant and is slowing killing it with a thousand – make that a million – cuts. Can Nokia stave off the robot army to reclaim leadership in mobile handsets?

Nokia was late to the high-end smartphone market. It did not immediately recognise that the iPhone Apple released in 2007 would usher in a new era of mobile computing. Nokia started to create its own operating system, Maemo, to battle on the high end. Maemo eventually merged with Intel’s Moblin and became MeeGo, which is now called Tizen and not associated with Nokia at all. (To date, only a handful of devices have ever been built with MeeGo/Tizen.) Nokia had reached a dead end.

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