Nokia To Show Off iPhone Killer This Week? Another Tablet? (NOK)


Nokia (NOK), the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, is supposedly making a big product announcement Wednesday morning at an event in Barcelona.

It’s a little late in the holiday season for a big consumer product launch, so it might not be a gadget that’s on sale until next year. But it could create some buzz for Nokia’s investor roadshow in Brooklyn on Thursday.

What is it? We don’t know. Here’s Phone Scoop editor Eric Zeman’s report from Spain:

According to what I’ve been told by Nokia staffers, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will be dropping a huge bomb during his keynote address. The device is so secret that most Nokia employees haven’t seen it yet.

We hope it’s a high-end smartphone that can better compete with Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone — a weak spot for Nokia. Why?

  • The smartphone market is growing significantly faster than the overall mobile phone market, which Nokia now expects to shrink next year.
  • While smartphones represent a small percentage of Nokia’s unit sales, they represent a relatively higher percentage of Nokia’s revenue and profits.

Meanwhile, another possibility from UBS analyst Maynard Um: A notebook/tablet PC, a market where Nokia hasn’t yet had much success. Um notes today:

Our checks indicate Nokia may be working on a 9″-10″ notebook/tablet PC with a second OLED display, touchpad, near field communication (NFC) capability, HDMI out, and Linux OS. Given its seemingly higher end functionality, we do not think it will compete in the traditional netbook (~US$400) market.

Um thinks component orders will probably be placed soon, with a decision on the manufacturer to follow.

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