NOKIA: The Fact That The Lumia 900 Screen Turns Purple Isn't 'Nasty,' It's A 'Minor' Problem

nokia lumia 900 home screen

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Yesterday we told you about a software glitch in some Nokia Lumia 900 phones that causes the screen to display a purple tint.Nokia identified the problem and says a fix is on its way.

We called the glitch “nasty.”

Nokia didn’t like that.

We woke up to this email from a Nokia rep this morning, asking for a correction:

We’d appreciate a couple of corrections on your Nokia 900 story yesterday. The software glitch is minor, only on some devices and only manifests itself while on low power setting. It’s not a “nasty” glitch by any measure and we’d appreciate it if that word could be struck. Also, this is far from an “Oh Boy” moment; and, as readers pointed out, the  most timely angle would have been we found it and there’s a fix for users.

If Nokia’s stance is that a glitch that causes the screen to turn purple is “minor,” fine. But the customer complaining about the purple screen glitch on Twitter certainly didn’t find it to be minor:

We wouldn’t be too happy if we bought a brand new smartphone and it had a purple screen. We imagine other customers with this problem feel the same way.

By the way, we didn’t experience the problem when we reviewed the Lumia 900. The glitch doesn’t affect all units. The software fix is coming, and that’s great news for those with the problem.

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