Nokia Still Not That Into Google's Android (NOK, GOOG)

A Nokia exec said that Google’s (GOOG) Android mobile operating system was laudable because it’s trying to open up innovation, just that doesn’t mean its going to get the Nokia stamp of approval.

But it could mean the company will sign up later on:

“A platform has three to four million lines of code. When Android has that many lines, we’ll make an assessment. Until then it’s just an announcement.”

Android will succeed with or without Nokia (NOK), but obviously it would be better for Google to have the world’s biggest handset manufacturer on board. But that doesn’t seem likely because Nokia is the largest shareholder of Symbian, an Android competior. Verizon (VZ) has already publicly backed another Android competitor, LiMo, and while AT&T (T) has said it’s open to the idea of selling Android phones, it still hasn’t formally signed on. But that doesn’t mean that Nokia would definitely avoid Android. Sony Ericsson is also a Symbian shareholder, but it’s making a Windows Mobile phone.

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