Nokia Plans To Crank Out A New Windows Phone Every Two Months

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We didn’t hear too much about Microsoft and Nokia’s partnership at the Mango event the other day, but now word is coming in that Nokia is planning to release Windows Phones every two to three months.That is, whenever they start producing Windows Phones. We’re hearing it will be until 2012.

“We’re going to keep coming with new devices in order to have something to talk about,” Nokia’s Senior VP of Marketing for Mobile Jo Harlow told PCMag.

They’re hoping to get into “a rhythm” where they can pop out Windows Phones in a move to make Windows Phone Nokia’s primary smartphone platform.

It’s a stark contrast to Apple’s Jony Ive mentality, which derisively calls any new hardware or features without meaning “arbitrary.”

Nokia’s hardware experience and incredibly diversity of handsets in the past is an indicator that they’ll have some interesting designs up their collective sleeves, but it still seems like a strange “promise” to make.

If Nokia can pull of this kind of turnaround for R&D and production, we could start seeing a lot more Windows Phone 7 devices on shelves. By that time, the phones will include Mango, an update coming this fall brings lots of amazing features.

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