Check Out These 10 Crazy Phone Concepts From Nokia

nokia concept phone

Photo: Nokia

Nokia isn’t best known for ambitious, innovative products lately, but it does have a consistent efforts for coming up with innovative, wacky and gutsy concepts for future phones.That these skunk-works projects don’t eventually transform into phones that the company can actually ship is another matter, but Nokia has a knack for coming up with interesting futuristic phone concepts.

They recently featured 10 of them in two blog posts and we thought we’d share them with you.

Remember. That video was everywhere for a while:

The E-Cu would charge itself from your body heat. Just keep it in your pocket to keep it charged! Pretty cool despite the terrible name.

The Nokia 888 is an ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible phone concept

These are early concepts for Windows Phones now that Nokia has gone with Windows. Less out-there, but closer to something that might ship

The Kinetic concept has a magnet in its base and stands up when you get a call. Don't want to take it? Push it back down

The Eco Sensor comes with a sensor you wear as a bracelet to monitor your body information and your surroundings, and that you control with your phone. We suppose some people would be into that

The Remade is an eco-friendly concept, made from aluminium cans and plastic bottles and meant to be recycled

The Dragonfly doesn't have much out of the ordinary, but is meant to be a really pretty, really cheap phone. Potentially great for emerging markets

The Scentstory, on top of having this wacky shape, would be able to transmit smell! Not sure we'd want that for everyone

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