Nokia’s App Store For Microsoft Already Sounds Way Too Complicated


Apple’s iPhone App Store wasn’t the first way to put apps on a smartphone, but it was the simplest and best, and completely revolutionised the mobile software industry.

It’s early, but it sounds like Nokia and Microsoft are having a hard time embracing simplicity, and are going to make their app store(s) way too complicated.

Here’s Nokia exec Jo Harlow speaking to Forbes:

“Part of our deal is that we will take the lead on the apps store. Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace will be providing the backend. The Marketplace will continue to exist, though. We will have separate stores.

The idea with the Nokia app store is to be able to publish from one place to multiple platforms. We will let developers publish to other Nokia platforms, other Windows Phone manufacturers and other Microsoft platforms. There could also be an operator store that would act like a store within a store.”

Got that? Us neither.

Nokia’s big advantage is scale, and there are a lot of good reasons for developers to work with Nokia.

But let’s hope the developer experience is simple and fruitful, and not convoluted and annoying, or Microsoft and Nokia are going to come up short.

This is an area where they need to figure out ways to be better than Apple and Google, not worse.

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