Nokia Took Out A Two-Page Ad In Vanity Fair To Show Off Its New Windows Phone That Hasn't Even Been Announced Yet

nokia lumia 928 teaser ad

In what has to be a timing slip-up, Nokia has a two-page ad in the current issue of Vanity Fair showing off its next flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 928.

Nokia is expected to formally unveil the Lumia 928 at a press event in London on May 14, but the phone has leaked several times over the last few months.

The ad was first discovered by Engadget and it confirms that the Lumia 928 will likely be a Verizon exclusive, as has been widely reported before. It also looks like Nokia is going to make a big deal out of the “PureView” camera, which debuted in earlier Lumia phones and takes really great photos. 

Meanwhile, the site that the print ad directed readers to has been altered to tease the Lumia 928, but the URL still contains the device’s name.

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