Photos Of The New Nokia Lumia 928

nokia lumia 928 top of phone with headphone jack

Nokia has another new Lumia phone, the Lumia 928. 

It’s pretty much the same device as the older Lumia 920, but sports a different design.

You can read the full review of the Lumia 928 right here, and check out the gallery below to see some of the best features.

The Lumia 928 runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Windows Phone 8 is a good OS, but it's missing a lot of key apps like Instagram. The app store is full of clones and knockoffs.

Nokia is making a big deal out of the Lumia 928's camera. It has a special Xenon flash and takes pretty good photos in low-light settings.

There are also some special camera apps. For example, you can use one called Cinemagraph to make customised GIFs.

Here's a look at the photo editing app that lets you add Instagram-like filters.

The Lumia 928 is a good Windows Phone, but it's thick and heavy compared to other top-tier devices. A lot of people won't like that. Here's what it looks like next to another Windows Phone, the HTC Windows Phone 8x.

And here it is next to the iPhone 5. The Lumia 928 looks like a brick next to the iPhone.

It also has a plastic body. Some people like plastic phones because they're more resistant to dings and scratches.

The side of the phone has buttons that control the display, volume, and camera.

The charging port is at the top of the phone, which is a bit awkward.

Now check out another cool phone...

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