HANDS ON: Nokia's Head-Turning New Flagship Windows Phone Is Here

nokia lumia 800 angle main image

Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

Today we got our hands on Nokia’s brand new Lumia 800 Windows Phone device, and we’re very impressed.It’s about the same size as an iPhone, soft to the touch, and features an ultra-vibrant “Clear Black” AMOLED Screen.

But really, it just looks like a new, more flavorful kind of smartphone in an age where iPhones and Androids are made of black/silver chunks of metal or plastic.

Some new phones even have Kevlar tacked onto their backs. We aren’t buying it. The Lumia 800 evokes old “candy bar” phone nostalgia, but with enough power underneath to do just about anything.

If any device can revive Windows Phone and shock it back into any kind of mind share with consumers, it’s this device.

Here it is, the Nokia Lumia 800. And boy is this thing gorgeous to behold.

On the back of the phone, there's a dual-LED flash and an 8MP camera that takes great pictures.

The left side of the phone is devoid of any buttons whatsoever. You'll want to take a bite out of it.

The bottom of the phone features only a speaker grille that has individually drilled holes so the grille could be smaller.

The top of the device has a SIM slot on the left and a flip-open mini-USB charging port on the right.

The Lumia 800 is a pleasure to hold in your hands and use.

The most important app exclusive to the Lumia 800 is the Nokia Drive app, which compares to Google's GPS turn-by-turn navigation.

The black Lumia 800 is even more dashing.

The chrome buttons look fantastic against the matte-black polycarbonate plastic.

On the far right is Nokia's new mid-range Lumia 710 device, which has a TFT screen and different design.

Here's a Lumia 800 and iPhone 4S. They're about the same size, but the Lumia feels lighter.

Because the iPhone is flat, the Lumia feels thicker in comparison than it actually is.

So that's it, Windows Phone's last best hope. Nokia is planning an enormous marketing push this winter and spring.

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