In Saudi Arabia, 7 Of Their 10 Most Beloved Brands Are Non-Islamic



It’s different in Saudi Arabia, but not that different as far as the Saudis’ shopping carts are concerned. They may live in a strict Islamic monarchy where women can’t vote or drive, but they also like chocolate, iPhones, and French designer fashion labels.Only three of the 10 best-liked brands in the country are Arab or Islamic brands. The rest are Western or Asian — a reflection of the nation’s imported consumer goods culture (and its own failure to create a domestic manufacturing base).

Weirdly, just like the Americans, Apple was only the Saudis’ 10th favourite brand.

From January to December 2011, the market research firm YouGov BrandIndex continuously sampled 2.5 million people online to create a “Buzz score,” based on consumers’ response to questions such as, “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?”

The results represent the strength of these brands based on consumer sentiment and “buzz” over the period.

Galaxy chocolate

A brand of Mars, Galaxy is the best-selling candy in the Kingdom, with $94 million in sales. It is their most-favourite brand.


We have KFC, the Saudis have this chain of roast chicken restaurants.

Al-Quran / Al-Kareem

Al Quran ('the Holy Quran Channel') is an Islamic channel run by Saudi Government. It broadcasts live from Mecca (Makkah).


Everyone loves iPhones, but ...


... Nokia still makes an unexpectedly strong showing.

Emirates Airlines

The luxury airline is a massive brand in Europe and the East.


Note that Sony, as an electronics brand, also ranks higher than Apple as a whole.


The Arabic for Gmail turns out to be 'Gmail.'


They're rich, remember?


Apple just squeaks into the Top 10. The iPhone ranks higher, of course, but the company as a brand is considerably less well liked than either Nokia or Sony.

See the Calvin Klein lingerie campaign that London's Orthodox Jews want banned ...

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