Nokia Has Another Bizarre Commercial For Its New Windows Tablet

Earlier this week, Nokia posted a super-creepy commercial for its new Windows 8 tablet, the Lumia 2520.

Today, the company released another ad, one that completely shifts gears and takes viewers out of the creepy barbershop and into a park where a puppy keeps getting ignored by kids who have their noses glued to their devices. All the children are sitting in the shade, but the kid with the Lumia 2520 can sit in the sun because of its great outdoor readability, and, thus, play with the dog. He also gets everyone to ditch their tech and eat pizza together.

This ad is a thousand times less abrasive than the previous one, but it’s interesting that the company is marketing the device so disjointedly. Is Nokia flailing to find a marketing strategy that works?

Here’s the ad:

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