What It's Like To Stay At The Swanky New Nobu Hotel In Las Vegas

The swanky Nobu Hotel
opened in Las Vegasearlier this year as a boutique within Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino.

The hotel property is a first for the Nobu brand, which made its name building a global chain of high-end restaurants serving the trendy Japanese cuisine of chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

In addition to the 181-room hotel, the hotel is home to the largest-ever Nobu Restaurant and Lounge, and guests have access to 24-hour Nobu room service. The property itself has Japanese touches, like hallway carpets featuring a cherry blossom design, fixtures inspired by origami, and Japanese Zen gardens.

We recently had the chance to spend a night at the Nobu Hotel, and were thoroughly impressed. Rooms start at around $US250/night.

Disclosure: Lexus provided travel and accommodations at the Nobu Hotel in order for us to review the brand’s new F SPORT.

Julie Zeveloff contributed to this story.

To get to the hotel, you have to go into Caesars Palace.

But first, you have to find it. Caesars Palace is enormous.

Even on the map, it's not easy to find the Nobu Hotel.

And it's easy to get lost in the casino.

Fortunately, there are signs to help you find your way.

The entrance is just past Cleopatra's Barge.

Ok, found it.

Only Nobu guests can get into the hotel. The room key cards operate the elevator.

We were on 'Level 79' -- but that's not the 79th floor.

Here's the view from our window. It's more like the eighth floor.

To get into the room, tap the key against the lock.

Nothing crazy here, but it's all very nice.

The art on the wall behind the bed is a nice touch.

So was this handwritten weather forecast. The employees who cleaned the room even put a Nobu bookmark in the book I left on the night table.

For unclear reasons, the bathroom came with a ladder.

And the 'Do Not Disturb' sign was actually a huge tassel.

The drawers are filled with snacks.

And the mini fridge is fully loaded with soda, energy drinks, and booze.

Don't think you can sneak anything out without paying.

There was a second, empty mini fridge out in the open. It was the ugliest thing in the room.

But it's useful if you want to order a fancier meal, and save some of it for later.

You can enjoy lots of spa treatments, but be prepared to pay.

The best thing about the Nobu is that it's a quiet sanctuary from the ostentation of Las Vegas.

And a classy reprieve from things like gambling while sitting in a pool.

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