Noah Syndergaard stunned a batter with a 98 mph sinker that some say might be pitch of the year

Daniel Shirey/Getty ImagesNoah Syndergaard pitching for the New York Mets.
  • Noah Syndergaard started for the New York Mets against the Toronto Blue Jays and threw a pitch that stunned MLB fans and commentators.
  • Syndergaard also got a much needed win, but otherwise had a mixed performance on the night.

The New York Mets trounced the Toronto Blue Jays last night in interleague play, winning by 10 runs, and their starting pitcher on the night Noah Syndergaard got one of the highlights of the season so far with a pitch that stunned the baseball world.

This performance comes at a welcome time for Syndergaard, as he got his first win in six starts for the Mets. Still, he allowed two runs in five innings and expressed disappointment in his performance, telling reporters after the game that, “Something wasn’t clicking.”

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