NOAA: Although Much Larger, Gulf Spill Was Less Devastating Than Exxon-Valdez

exxon valdez

Although the Gulf Spill was nearly seven times larger than Exxon-Valdez, it may have caused less damage. Scientists have reached this conclusion while compiling the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration spill report, according to NYT.

For instance, fewer than 10,000 birds were killed Gulf, while up to 250,000 birds were killed in Alaska.

215 miles of coastline was contaminated by the BP spill, while 1,3000 miles was contaminated by Exxon Valdez.

And Gulf ecosystems are doing surprisingly well:

Since mid-July, however, rescuers have found the sargassum mats not blackened but clean and teeming with food, and with them, turtles free of oil or so lightly oiled that they could be cleaned and released on the spot, said Dr. Brian Stacy, an NOAA veterinarian.

The difference, we assume, was 20 years of improvement in oil spill technology. With that conclusion, expect a major boost toward open season for Gulf offshore.

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