And Now For One Of The Unforeseen Challenges Of Business Life...

Chamber potThe new office accessory.

Well, this is a new one.I elected to spare you a more graphic title for this post, but if I hadn’t, it would have been this:

Business Insider Employees Forced To Rush Into Streets To Look For A Place To Relieve Themselves


Because our office guru Sarah Seehafer just sent the following email to everyone in our global headquarters:


The water has been shut off for the whole building due to a pipe issue. This means all of the restrooms are out of order (won’t flush).

Very sorry for the inconvenience but it seems public restrooms are our option.

‘Will keep you updated on when it’s back.

“Public restrooms”?

Does our landlord have any idea how much coffee we drink?

It’s not clear yet whether this is a building issue or a New York City issue, but I think I speak for everyone affected that “public restrooms” ain’t going to cut it.

Perhaps it’s time for Mayor Bloomberg to get off his soda-ban kick and start fixing this city’s infrastructure.

Meanwhile, it looks like everyone at BI will be working from home this afternoon.

(Either that, or we put in a rush-order for chamber pots.)


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