No, Tumblr Not Charging $40 A Month For Unlimited Photo Uploads


At some point, Tumblr will offer paid, “plus” features for its blogging service. Or at least that’s the plan that founder David Karp has always talked about.

But this isn’t it: Tumblr is NOT going to start charging its users $39 per month for “tumblr.addict,” a supposed feature that would allow someone to upload an unlimited number of photos per day.

A concerned Tumblr power-user — OK, my father — submitted this in a panic today; it’s an alleged screenshot he found on someone’s Tumblr.

It’s a fake, Tumblr’s Karp confirms. “Does that look like anything we’d design?”

Premium features are a good idea for Tumblr — we wish they’d roll out things like one-step domain registration sooner than later. But $40 a month for unlimited photo uploads is way too expensive, considering that even Yahoo’s (YHOO) Flickr charges just $25 per year for its pro accounts.

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