An Igloo City Has Sprung Up In Protest At Davos

occupy wef, davos, january 2012

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The Occupy protests that blossomed across the globe in the fall of 2011 are popping up at the annual meeting of the rich and powerful in Davos Switzerland.Using the weather to their advantage, protesters are carving out blocks of snow and shaping them into igloos that are surprisingly warm, if not an effort to make.

Emma Thomasson and Ben Hirschler from Reuters report that it takes four people about five hours to shape the snow and craft it into a suitable dome that can be called an igloo.

Hoping to make develop an “igloo village” near the Davos train station, the effort may be wasted on the ultra-wealthy invited to the event as many take private jets or helicopters from Zurich, and never get near the train station.

Even if they miss the camp, its meaning is not something participants are likely to ignore. “Is 20th-century capitalism failing 21st-century society?” is the tile of the first Davos debate that begins Wednesday.

When the 1,200 Davos participants were surveyed by the World Economic Forum, 54 per cent of the said they feared a “major geopolitical disruption” over the next 12 months, up from 36 per cent just last quarter.

Arif Naqvi, CEO of Abraaj Capital placed the focus of his concern at the feet of Occupy Wall Street. “We have a crisis of leadership,” Naqvi said. “The Occupy Wall Street movement is going to gain momentum in different cities simply because of the inequality issue and we need to address it.”