'You Won't Hear My Voice For Some Time': Kevin Rudd Concedes Defeat

Kevin RuddKevin Rudd after conceding defeat. Getty / Stefan Postles

“Jeez I thought we’d lost,” outgoing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told a cheering crowd at his concession speech in Brisbane tonight.

“A short time ago I telephoned Tony Abbott to conceded defeat at these national elections,” Rudd said.

After thanking supporters and campaign staff, Rudd announced he would be stepping down from the party’s leadership, which he took back from Julia Gillard nine weeks ago.

“You wont hear my voice in the public affairs of this nation for some time, that is how it should be.”

While Labor has suffered a resounding defeat, at the time of Rudd’s address it had retained 56 seats around the country.

The coalition had 85 seats, and looks on track to win more than 90 — giving it a clear majority.

“I gave it my all. But it was not enough for us to win,” he said, before telling the crowd the electorates won mean the Labor Party is still a “viable fighting force.”

Rudd held on to his own seat, the urban Brisbane electorate of Griffith, in a narrow victory, and had some words for the defeated Liberal candidate.

“It would be un-prime ministerial of me to say Bill Glasson eat your heart out, so I won’t.”

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