Billy Eichner says 'no one talked to Sean Spicer' in the Emmys green room except for the 9-year-old actor from 'Young Sheldon'

Billy eichner on conanYouTube/TBSBilly Eichner describes one of the most ‘surreal’ parts of his Emmy experience on ‘Conan.’

Comedian Billy Eichner said there was only one actor who was willing to talk to the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer in the green room at this year’s Emmys.

According to Eichner, who attended the awards show for his nominated series “Billy on the Street,” everyone avoided the former White House press secretary – except for the young actor from the “Big Bang Theory” spin-off series “Young Sheldon,” 9-year-old Iain Armitage.

“No one would talk to Sean Spicer,” Eichner told on “Conan” on Wednesday night.

Spicer surprised the audience at the Emmys when host Stephen Colbert brought him on stage during his opening monologue — and according to Eichner, Spicer retired to the green room after his brief moment on stage and was not well-received by the other actors, with the exception of Armitage.

But apparently Armitage came up to Eichner while he was talking to Jim Parsons (the original Sheldon and star of “The Big Bang Theory”) to ask them if he was actually talking to “the real Sean Spicer.”

“Even Young Sheldon thought it might have been Melissa McCarthy and was kind of confused,” Eichner said. 

Eichner said Armitage seemed disappointed upon learning that he was in fact speaking to “the real Sean Spicer,” and not McCarthy (who has become known for her immaculate impersonation of him).

You can watch Eichner discussing his “surreal” Emmys green room experience here:

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