No Olympics Bonanza For Many Beijing Business Owners

The Olympics may have helped NBC and Yahoo, but Beijing business owners sank money into restaurants, hotels, and shops for crowds that never came.

LA Times: Many owners of small restaurants, hotels and shops in Beijing are wearing long faces this summer, especially those who poured their life savings into buying businesses or sprucing up their shops ahead of the Games.

About half a million foreign visitors were expected in Beijing this month. But many businesspeople think that because of stricter visa rules and other hassles, there are no more here now than there were last August, when 420,000 visitors from abroad came to the capital…

Li [the owner of the Double Temple Hotel] said tighter security checks on his industry were also hurting. Hotels in China have long submitted daily guest lists to local police, but until this summer, he said, it was just a formality. Now officials are going through them carefully. Not wanting any trouble, Li said, he’s been turning away Chinese guests without proper ID cards. He doesn’t even bother with foreigners, whose registrations get extra scrutiny.

For the Olympics, Beijing authorities have temporarily closed down many karaoke rooms and other bars and erotic entertainment places deemed unfit, along with scores of factories, construction projects and other businesses that might dirty the air or the city’s image.

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