Steve Cohen Had To Cancel Everyone's favourite Golf Outings Because They Got Too Much Press


Remember when Steve Cohen hired Deutsche Bank broker and super-golfer Sam Evans and in one masterstroke created, quite possibly, the best job ever?

Evans was, for all intents and purposes, hired to play golf all day.

It was a way for Cohen to have a well-versed financier pull the moves on corporate men and women to learn more about the companies for which they work.

Evans hit the course with the heads of hundreds of companies, all of which SAC put on a “no-trading” list for a set period of time after the game.

But Evans’ days of golfing and information-gathering are no more, according to Reuters:

In August 2009, Cohen sought to get even more insight into publicly-traded companies by hiring long-time Deutsche Bank broker Sam Evans, who is also a top amateur golfer, to arrange golf outings for corporate executives on some of the nation’s top courses.

The small and intimate rounds often would be attended by a select group of SAC Capital traders and analysts. Cohen recently put a halt on the golf excursions after Reuters reported on them in November.

Of course Evans is still around. And he can essentially do what he did over 18 holes, over dinner or drinks.

But still, being paid to tee-off at the nation’s best courses, is so much cooler.

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