No Matter Which Way You Look At It, Instagram Is A Niche Service

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Benedict Evans, who is a consultant and former TMT analyst, argues that Instagram was a good acquisition for Facebook, but not a home run when you compare its influence as a messaging or photo-sharing service to other mobile apps, such as Whatsapp, LINE, Snapchat, and WeChat.

Evans’ argument is that 50 million photos are shared each day on Instagram, compared to 350 million on Facebook and Snapchat each, and 400 million on Whatsapp.

What’s more, Instagram has 150 million monthly active users (MAUs), but that pales in comparison to Whatsapp, which boasts 350 million MAUs. (

In Other News …

Flipboard launched curated online shopping catalogues for its popular news-reading app, which many see as a threat to Pinterest. (GigaOM)

LINE, the popular messaging app out of Asia, is now generating almost $US100 million in revenue each quarter. (LINE Blog)

Facebook joined the GSMA, an association of mobile operators and companies “devoted to supporting the standardization of mobile policies. It’s an indication of Facebook’s commitment to a mobile-first strategy. (Fierce Wireless)

Twitter is soliciting feedback from Android users who are testing a new version of its mobile app. (Twitter Blog)

Greg Coleman, president of adtech company Criteo, said mobile ads still have a lot of flaws, because the people developing the creative for them tend to apply their experiences from other forms of digital advertising to mobile, and that simply will not work. (Business Insider)

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