8 things you should know before jumping into 'No Man's Sky'

It may be the biggest game ever made.

“No Man’s Sky” is a gorgeous space exploration game. Its main feature is a massive universe, with somewhere in the neighbourhood of 18 quintillion (18,000,000,000,000,000,000) planets to discover, mine for resources, and map. That’s a lot of universe to explore!

With such a huge game comes anxiety. What to do first? What am I doing wrong? It can feel overwhelming. Agreed! Here are all the things I wish I’d known before putting 15 hours into “No Man’s Sky”:

Don't worry about saving resources -- you'll find plenty more!

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'No Man's Sky' is a game where your main actions are exploration and mining, and the combination thereof. The further you explore, chances are you'll find some pretty rare stuff. And the first time you find this rare stuff -- gold, for instance -- you'll want to hoard it. 'What if I need it to build such and such in five hours?!'

Stop. Relax. Breathe. With 18 quintillion planets, there's plenty of 'rare' resources to go around. Letting go of the concept of rarity will free you to enjoy the game even more. Space pirates steal your precious cargo? Don't worry. There's plenty more.

The same goes for upgrading your ship/suit/gun. Don't bother digging in and upgrading the stuff you start with too much. You'll find better stuff.

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Look at this totally fresh spaceship I found! So fresh!

The ship you start the game with is fine. The gun (mining tool) you start the game with is fine. The suit you start the game with is fine. All of them could be better, and you can make them better.

But you don't have to do that right from the jump. In fact, you probably shouldn't do that, because you'll find even better stuff along the way. Every planet you visit is full of entirely new versions of the stuff you start the game with. Don't like your ship? There are crashed ships all over the place, just waiting to be found. Better yet, some of them have sweet upgrades that would otherwise take a ton of time to build. So instead of trying to slowly make your stuff better, give it a few hours. Find some stuff in the wild, then consider how you want to approach improving the stuff you've got.

Don't worry about money too much -- you can get money from pretty much everything in 'No Man's Sky.'

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This guy is ready to talk about money. Always.

I know, I know -- you've been hustling your whole life. What's to stop you from hustling hard to get that space cash in 'No Man's Sky?' Logic, I hope.

I spent an hour mining resources, flying those resources to a trading post, and trading them in for cash. Turns out that was a tremendous waste of time. For every plant and animal you document in-game, you get in-game cash for uploading them. For every planet you encounter, you get in-game cash for uploading them. For every star system you enter, you get in-game cash for uploading them.

All of which is to say: Don't bother wasting your time early on mining rare resources and re-selling them. You'll get tons of money along the way.

There are trading posts in every star system, and on most planets/moons.

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There are opportunities everywhere to buy rare items, to sell your stuff, or to simply take a breather from space exploration to take a chill pill. These trading posts are often occupied by a single friendly alien, who may or may not hook you up with a sweet present -- should you answer his question correctly, that is.

Regardless! These things are all over the place. Don't fret that you're going to miss out on an important sale, as there's another trading post just around the corner/over the bend/in the next star system.

Getting hurt is fine. Try not to die!

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It's relatively hard to die in 'No Man's Sky,' at least if you're paying attention.

But if you do die, beware! Anything you collected in that life will be left floating wherever you died. And if you haven't saved recently, that could be a galaxy far, far away.

Which reminds me: SAVE OFTEN! You can save by landing your ship on a planet, or by going to any of the save spots all over the planets/moons. Save spots look like this:

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Don't like the confusing alien names of animals, plants, planets, or entire star systems? Rename them!

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As you can see here, I'm paying homage to Business Insider's supreme leader Henry Blodget.

BONUS TIP: The jetpack can be used to climb pretty much any surface, even if your fuel is out. Just push up against that wall and keep jetpacking.

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Beyond getting around, jetpacks are your mountaineering gear. You can basically climb any surface using a jetpack, regardless of how much fuel you have left.

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