One of the most ambitious video games ever created is coming next June

The incredibly ambitious, very pretty, PlayStation 4 exclusive game “No Man’s Sky” arrives in June 2016.

The much-anticipated game was revealed in late 2014; it’s being developed by a small team of British game creators, yet it promises near-endless worlds to explore.

“No Man’s Sky,” which lets you explore countless planets where no two are alike, is a game about exploration and survival, though much of the gameplay remains shrouded in mystery. A new trailer shown alongside the game’s release date announcement debuted massive metal beings that are either vehicles or metal-based life, which appears to be at least one form of “enemy” in the game.

We’ll find out much more about “No Man’s Sky” in the coming months — it launches in June 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s not clear if or when it will launch on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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