Some of the biggest problems in 'No Man's Sky' should be fixed soon

A game as unbelievably massive as “No Man’s Sky” (which boasts quintillions of procedurally-generated planets for players to explore) is sure to have problems. The fact that the game was made by a small team and works at all is mindblowing.

Still, players are reporting plenty of issues, from the game crashing to their progress being halted. “No Man’s Sky” creator Sean Murray addressed some of these issues in a blog post, promising fixes and clarifying .

According to Murray, they have brought in a whole team dedicated to fixing these problems, and they will be moving to a system where players can submit support tickets for individual problems. There will also be a patch sometime soon to fix “the most critical issues.”

The most debilitating problem involved the starship that players who pre-ordered the game got for free. The early parts of the game all build up to the player building their first hyperdrive, which allows them to warp to other systems. The bonus ship, which players can redeem as soon as they start, comes with a hyperdrive, meaning they don’t get that recipe.

This led to situations where players with the pre-order ship were unwittingly buying new ships that didn’t come with hyperdrives, meaning they couldn’t leave that system, essentially breaking the game. Murray said the game automatically directed 80% of reported cases to the recipe for the hyperdrive, while others resolved the issue by restarting their consoles.

Personally, I redeemed the pre-order ship without getting the hyperdrive recipe, but every ship I’ve seen that was available to buy or take had one installed already. I’ve also had the game crash multiple times, but since it saves frequently, I haven’t lost anything meaningful.

While it’s pretty unfortunate that a pre-order bonus can theoretically break the game, it’s good that the developers are getting out ahead of these things and addressing the issues in a direct manner. Hopefully the forthcoming patch un-breaks the game for those people and stabilizes things in general.

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