The 10 most beautiful planets people have found so far in 'No Man's Sky'

One of the most anticipated games of last year is “No Man’s Sky,” and people are taking to social media to share some of the incredible planets they have discovered so far.

In “No Man’s Sky,” you can explore an entire galaxy with your trusty little spaceship. You’ll gather resources, catalogue wildlife, and when you’re ready to leave, just hop in your ship and head to the next planet! The whole game is procedurally generated, which means that every planet was created by an algorithm, rather than by the hand of a designer.

You might think that would yield boring environments, but the worlds of “No Man’s Sky” are anything but dull. Here are the best of the best, curated from this thread on the gaming forum NeoGAF.

Some planets are pretty homogenous looking, like this one that's varying shades of yellow and green.

But others are much more diverse, like this planet with fluorescent pink grass.

This one has some kind of creepy, abandoned tower.

And because there are 18 quintillion planets within the game, there is a staggering amount of diversity.

This one, for example, is filled with a lush variety of plant life.

But this one is much more barren, save for that tree, which looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Since the game's worlds are so beautiful, some players are taking more artistic shots, like this one that uses a small peephole as a window into this alien world.

Since you have a spaceship with which to explore, players are getting some pretty fantastic aerial shots, too.

Regardless of where you're standing, the many worlds of 'No Man's Sky' all look pretty amazing.

Just watch out for malicious aliens along the way.

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