These are the 4 biggest problems with 'No Man's Sky' right now

“No Man’s Sky” is a pretty big deal, if you couldn’t tell. Its universe is incomprehensibly vast, with every planet filled with procedurally-generated flora and fauna for players to discover and name as they see fit. It’s captured the attention of video game fans around the world because it’s generally a great time.

Still, nothing is without faults, and players have had plenty of gripes about “No Man’s Sky” in the week since its release. Here are some of the most common complaints.

Too much time in menus

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'No Man's Sky' was openly advertised as a survival game before its release, but people were still pretty shocked to find out just how much inventory management is necessary to survive. Juggling inventory slots is, obviously, much less fun than interacting with goofy space critters.

It's made worse by the fact that upgrades to your suit and ship take up inventory slots that could be used for other items. It's also frustrating that Atlas Stones and other valuable items require one slot apiece, rather than stacking together.

The combat isn't fun

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Combat isn't the point of 'No Man's Sky,' but there are certain situations where it's tough to avoid. For example, space pirates will hunt you down mid-flight if you have valuable cargo on your ship, and you can't easily escape from them without killing them.

Unfortunately, shooting isn't particularly fun, either from the ground or in space. You can alleviate it a bit by installing combat upgrades to your gun or starship, but again, those upgrades use valuable inventory space.

There could be more variety

It's tough to hold this against 'No Man's Sky' since the game was made by a small team, but it's a bit unfortunate that every planet essentially has the same things to do on it. You can find alien monoliths, chase down transmissions to find crashed ships or alien outposts, or explore abandoned bases.

Those things tend to get old after 10 hours or so, and it would be nice if the different alien races you meet throughout the universe at least had different looking bases. Hopefully, a wider variety of activities is added to the game at some point down the road.

It crashes a lot

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A game can't be fun if it doesn't work. There's really no getting around that.

I've had 'No Man's Sky' crash on me while warping from system to system, flying to another planet or while I was seemingly doing nothing. This game accomplishes a pretty gargantuan task on a technical level, so I get it, but that doesn't make the error screen any less deflating.

Thankfully, the game's creator Sean Murray promised a patch is in testing right now for both the PS4 and PC versions. Hopefully these and other issues are addressed in the coming weeks.

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