No Landlord Will Rent An Apartment To Ruth Madoff

bernieandruth tbi

As part of her big asset forfeiture, Ruth Madoff is giving up her multi-million Park Avenue apartment that she shared with Bernie, which means it’s time to find a new place.

She’s getting to keep $2.5 million, so she should be able to afford something decent (though nothing like she’s been accustomed to).

The only problem: Landlords don’t want her.

The New York Post reports: After Madoff last week agreed to sell her estimated $7.5 million duplex co-op on East 64th Street, the wife of fraudster Bernie Madoff is looking to rent a new home in the Big Apple — but finding no one willing to take her on as a tenant, the sources said.

She has turned to using her maiden name, Alpern, but has had no luck with that, either.

“She has nowhere to go,” a top broker said. “No one wants someone with her name in their building. People like their privacy.”

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