The Jersey Shore Roller Coaster That Was Mangled In Hurricane Sandy Is Finally Being Torn Down [PICTURES]

One of the most iconic images of Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath was the Jersey Shore’s Jet Star roller coaster, which appeared mangled and submerged in the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, six months later, it is finally being demolished.

The project is currently underway in Seaside Heights and will be completed by Thursday, Casino Pier spokeswoman Toby Wolf told CBS New York.

“[We’re] ripping it out of there and getting everything out of the ocean,” Wolf said. “[It’s] pretty close to shore and that’s a safety hazard for swimmers, surf.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported that a section of the roller coaster will be preserved to serve as a permanent memorial when the damaged pier is finally rebuilt, which could take up to a year, according to CBS New York.

The attraction will be replaced with an appropriately named roller coaster: The Super Storm, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We hope that it’s perceived in a positive way, that we’re back, we know the force of Mother Nature, and that we respect that, and this is our way of celebrating,” Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers told The WSJ.

The partially-submerged roller coaster has been ogled by onlookers since the October 29th storm washed it out to sea. In January, one man even climbed to the top of the coaster, raised an American flag, and was subsequently arrested by police.

A reminder of what it looked like before demolition:

seaside heights roller coaster, nj toppled roller coaster hurricane sandy

And now with demolition underway:

Seaside heights roller coaster demolished


attached image


Seaside heights roller coaster demolished

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