This Tiny Island In The Pacific Is BEGGING For A Lady Gaga Concert

Lady Gaga

Niue is a small island in the Pacific, sitting around 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand.

On it’s 100 square miles sits around 1,600 people, and they want one thing — a Lady Gaga concert.

Niue Tourism Development Manager Hayden Porter has sent a letter to the American singer’s tour managers and record label execs pleading for a concert on the nation, reports. The singer is on tour in New Zealand in June and the hope is that she perhaps be convinced to visit the country during that time.

Niue Tourism spokesman Mike Hogan says that the country is so keen for Lady Gaga to visit the country that they would ensure everyone on the island attended the concert.

“She’s really struck a chord with the kids on the island. She’s so unusual and she thinks outside the box. So we thought we’d think outside the box and invite her here,” Hogan told AFP.

It certainly seems that islanders are keen to have her. The Niue Tourism Facebook wall is full of chatter about the idea, with ideas for possible video location shoots and photos pleading for a concert posted by fans.

The country has recently been pushing tourism as one of its three main economic areas — partly in a bid to end economic emigration from the country that has seen the population drop from 5,000 in the mid-1960s to its current levels.

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